~ Autumn ~ "Live in each season as it passes . . .and resign yourself to the influence of the earth." ~ Henry David Thoreau (Walden)
Autumn detail
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A longing of crisp Autumn days with dark cosy evenings lit up by candle light.
Sips of hot tea or mulled fruit punch with apple slices warming up our bones.
Chunky knitted sweaters and long homemade scarves warming up our goose-pimpled skin.
Cinnamon infused bakes and warm apple and blackberry pies after casserole dinners.

Oh Autumn, how I wish for you to arrive sooner than you might.
Magically delicious
Kate Pugsley makes very cute and minimalistic illustrations. It has some graphic signs and I like the simplicity and innocence in it. Also the colours she uses in her work are nice to look at!
Sheer Multicolour Polka Ankle Socks White
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soft colours of cotton candy and fairies' wishes and chalk drawings on pavements and peppermint kisses and meringue pie and edinburgh rock and ballet slippers and cherry blossom twigs.

soft sunset skies and silk pyjamas and glitter glue sticking secret letters shut and grandmother's kisses and rose quartz and the touch of your fingers entwined in mine.


a grey and overcast sky. with a breakfast of soggy marmalade toast and lukewarm tea.

silent tears in the shower, an aching heart and a hard rock in my throat.

dark grey dresses for dark grey moods. deep purple shadows lay under my eyes. sleepless nights and empty dreams.

exhausted misty minds, tired brittle bones.

a pocket of broken wishes.