this time really is drawing near to such miserablity.
i do not wish for sun or shine or warmth.
just maybe a little of the above underneath my skin, my muscles, my bones.
thoughts of hope and universal wishes coming true could help. alot.
it doesn't.
not yet anyway.
i wish it could start. and hurry along like a forceful wind or a twister.

i do not wish for sun or shine or warmth.
but maybe snowdrops and snowflakes and snow white.
yes, yes i do wish for that, i think that could be quite nice.
for a hearts needs as well as the curling of the lips.

i just wish for selfishness in only ways i cannot explain.
the need of happiness flowing through the curtains, undeneath the doors.
a litte peek into the future and the yellow brick road it might lead to.
just a stabilty of the hope i yearn is what i need.
just that.